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I am Geraldine, designer and unique “little hands” of Assuna. I have been passionately involved in this project for 4 years now: I am constantly changing my cap, I am Artistic Director, Manufacturing Director, Purchasing Manager, Customer Manager. My days are rhythmic and my nights rather short.

Ever since I was a little girl – more than I am now – I do some sort of collecting and cut out pretty much everything that can exist: paper, fabric, cardboard. I like to draw, or more globally, to use my hands: remove, tape, sew …

And then, it was necessary to study and to head towards a professional career. In my case, I opted for cinema then I forked to Web Design. Two different experiences but two enriching experiences!

As we say in French, “chase away the natural and it returns at a gallop”. Once I moved in my flat in Paris, it quickly turned into a bric-a-brac. And step by step, the bric-a-brac began to look like a workshop. By means of testing, researches and advices, the brand Assuna was born.

Assuna yes, but Assuna, why? This pseudo follows me for years: it signed the bottom of my amateur sketches, then accompanied my texts of amateur author, before becoming the ideal brand name..Close to my heart, just like the products I create: I found that the association of the two was self-evident!

Upgrading …?

Do not throw anything away, “just in case”.

Make new with old, but manage to keep the asperity of the old and make it an object that vibrates again, 10, 20, 30 … and even 100 years later! Upgrading is that! Not fully upcycled (upycling is the upgrading of wastes, their transformation into a new object, useful or not), but totally recycled, Assuna is part of this artistic approach and solidarity for more than 3 years. Needless to say, I reckon, my creations are 100% handmade.

Besides, since I hold you: if you ever have objects lying around, here and there, do not hesitate: do not throw them away, transmit them! *

* In order to make progress my project, I get back your old maps, plans, buttons, laces and your old jars, in order to re-use them. If you need further information, do not hesitate to contact me: in advance, a BIG thank you!

Assuna workshop in 2013

Assuna workshop in 2013


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